Mark Nitschke Sitting in his studio


What are my reasons for being an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist. All my life I have been drawn to creating art. Whether that is drawing, painting, designing or photography. I remember drawing as a little boy, imaging on paper all the fantastic heroes that were in my mind. As I got older, I seemed to move away from some of that creation because of other interests or priorities. But those dreams never ceased to live on in my mind. One thing that I hadn’t done up to this point was actually refer to myself an “artist”. All that recently changed. Thus begun the creation of Mark Nitschke Illustration. I am excited to share with you details of my journey into being an artist.

What Education?

I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and have done design work since that time. I love the work that I did in that field, but I always keep coming back to wanting to “be an artist”. How do I define “artist”? Well, I think that can be a broad term. For me, it goes back to all the memories I have a as a kid drawing everything that was in my crowded and vivid imagination. Characters that were superheroes or villains, aliens or mutants of some kind. I also love drawing and sketching the human form, and have spent considerable time learning as much as I can about the anatomy of the body. Even though I currently spend a lot of time working on my design projects, I now carve out time to sketch and draw/paint, and am loving every moment of it.


I wouldn’t characterize myself as the “best artist” out there.  But part of calling myself an artist and starting Mark Nitschke Illustration is the goal of becoming a better artist. I always have my sights set on learning more and improving my technique and approach to any and all art projects I’m juggling. There are a number of artists I look towards for mentoring purposes and with the goal in mind of learning from a range of artistic talents.  I will discuss how I work on improving my skills and tackling my goals in later blog posts.

One reason I began this blog is to document my progress as I continue in my artistic and creative pursuits. I plan on using this blog, Instagram (maybe a bit of Facebook) and YouTube to document my path and growth as an artist – as well as share tips and tricks I learn along the way. Sometime to know about me is that I’m an introvert when it comes to sharing my life in detail. I’m hopeful this blog post will be an outlet for me to do just that.

I Am An Artist

This leads me to this present point. I am here and consider this the beginning of my true artistic journey. While I have been an artist all my life, this is the first time that I am truly calling myself an artist. Come along for the ride if you are interested. Maybe, just maybe, I will inspire others to finally call themselves artists as well.