Mark Nitschke's favorite pencil


One of my favorite pencils of all time! I buy these little guys in bulk!

While I use many different pencils for sketching and drawing, one that I continuously come back to is my black PrismaColor Col-Erase. I’d like to share with you why I love this tool as much as I do. 

Heavy Handed

First and foremost, I am a heavy handed artist. When I sketch, I have a hard time not really laying down marks. One of my favorite parts of this pencil is that it gives me better control over my strokes. Mostly, because I’m more aware of my strokes while using this tool. I can start with my underdrawings without worrying about my naturally heavy handed style. Building up the sketch seems to be more natural and fluid while using this magic little pencil.


Second, it has an eraser! While a I am working on slowly building up my sketches these days, having an eraser handy is a big plus. The eraser on this pencil is top quality and it works well overall. It is important to note that the type of paper you are using does affect the “erasability” of a drawing. 

Good Feel

Finally, I love the feel and thickness of these pencils. Not too thick and not too thin, for me, they just feel right in my hand. They also have a good weight to them.

Good Advice From A Pencil

Overall, these pencils score high marks with artists. The biggest thing for me though, will always be the pencil’s control of the mark. When it comes down to choosing a pencil, these will always be my “go to” tool. It is like the pencil is whispering to me, “lighten your hand Mark, lighten your hand.” And having that little bit of advice told to me every time I am sketching is a positive thing. It makes me a more conscious and focused artist. Click here to purchase these pencils and find out for yourself how great they are. Here is also a link to an assorted pack that gives you even more choice of colors to sketch with.


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