Mark Nitschke's favorite pencil Cyan version


One of my favorite pencils in Cyan? Yes please!!!

I talked highly of the black prisma color pencil and while I still use it quite frequently, I need to share my love for the cyan prismacolor Col-Erase pencil as well. Let me share with you my main reasons for liking this pencil.

More Than One Favorite

As I stated in this article, I am naturally a very heavy handed artist. Using this pencil with the lightly colored blue makes my underdrawings even more lighter than when I use the black prisma color pencil. This definitely helps me when I am building up my drawings. It also seems to be easier to erase the blue. I’m not sure if this is because of the lighter color, but it definitely seems easier.

Color For Sketching

Mark Nitschke's favorite pencil Cyan version

Having a bit of color to my sketches makes them pop off the page more so than when they are all in black. This isn’t the biggest deal, since the lines are very light, but it still adds in some visual interest to my sketches. I love flipping through my sketchbooks and coming across the drawings that I have used this pencil with. They make me stop and take a closer look.


If I choose to scan in my drawing, these blue markings can be taken out of the scan entirely. I may not always want this, but if I plan on really cleaning up my sketch, it is a great feature of these wonderful little pencils.

So, while not always my “go to” pencil, I really do enjoy the PrismaColor Col-Erase Cyan pencil. It’s a great way to add a little pop to your sketches as well as help out with being a bit on the heavy handed side.