Mark Nitschke's Gift Ideas for Artists


Fun gift ideas for artists!

What kind of gifts do you get that picky artist in your life? Are you so frustrated that you are about to just give up and not give any gifts? Here are 5 ideas that are sure please even the hardest of scrooge-esc artists.

So Many Pencils

Why do artists go through so many pencils? Do they have a fetish, or just some sort of weird collectors passion? No matter what the reason, artists can always use more pencils. But what type of pencil do you get for them? Well, check out what is on their desk or workspace. Find those short little stub of a pencil remnants, and you will find which ones they use the most. Just get some of those and you will win at this year’s gift giving.

Here is a link to one of my all time favorite pencils

Even More Sketchbooks

The next thing besides pencils that artists seem to collect are sketchbooks. I must have a million of them laying around our house. It always seems like I need more though. So what type should you get? Again, take a look at what you see on your artists workspace, and that will be another win for gift giving time.

Reading Time

Finding time to read seems to get harder and harder these days. One way that I have made more time for reading this year is to listen to books. Audible is really the best way that I have found to do this. Their platform is great, and I always seem to find what I am looking for. A subscription here will definitely score hight with your busy artist.

The Best Markers

Mark Nitschke's favorite markersAnother highly addicting thing to collect for artists is COPIC markers. There are so many colors to collect. They are like Pokemon, you got to catch them all. You can usually find some good deals on these at places like Micheals or Hobby Lobby. I don’t even mind getting a duplicate with these magical little markers. Definitely a great gift idea. 

Here is a link to a great set to get started with skin tones.

Learning Time

Self education is something everyone should be doing. Keeping your mind sharp is one of the best things, mentally, you can do for yourself. There are countless online resources for this, but one of my favorites is Skillshare. There are so many different courses and teachers on the platform, there really is something for any type of artist out there.

So, here are five different ideas for you get that hard to shop for artist in your life. No matter what you get your artist, remember that your support and love means more than any gift can ever give. Hope you have the happiest of holidays!


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