TickleBee Knits Logo

Client Name: Tickle Bee Knits

Design Problem: The client was in the early stages of starting a business in which she would create and sell original knitting patterns. She desired a logo that would ultimately represent the fun and playful nature of her patterns. Because her children loved to play a game called “Tickle Bee” she decided to name her business after it. My design problem was to design a logo that reflected the fun-loving and care-free nature of my client’s children and knitting patterns.

Solution: Bees are not known for being fun or playful creatures. Given that the name of the company, deciding how to shift the image from pesky inset to a fun and inviting mascot was my main challenge. I began with a friendly design concept using soft lines and bright colors, which appealed to the desires of my client and resulted in an image that was charismatic and gentle. I fused the main bee image with texturized balls of yarn, which helped to further soften the overall design. However, I still needed to stylize the bee image to make it appear as if the yarn was tickling the bee. I think the end product resulted in an image that showcased a happy, laughing tickle knit bee.