tickle bee knits website

Client Name: Tickle Bee Knits

Design Problem:

The client was in the early stages of starting a business in which she would create and sell original knitting patterns. She desired a website that would help her share the fun and playful nature of her patterns. Because her children loved to play a game called “Tickle Bee” she decided to name her business after it. My design problem was to create a website that reflected the fun-loving and care-free nature of my client’s children and knitting patterns and that also helped her connect her clients to her patterns on Ravelry.


After creating a friendly logo design for the client, it was relatively easy to continue the look and feel for her website. The site used a color palette from one of her favorite selections of pattern colors and that tied in with her new logo. I think the end product resulted in a website that invites users to learn more about my client and her love of knitting beautiful creations inspired by her children.