More About Me

Ever since I could remember I was drawn to being creative…

In college I bounced from Graphic Design to Computer science then back again and finally back again. I love technology and learning how to use it to improve my processes or daily work habits. Or maybe its just because I am a giant geek and turning on and using the latest tech gets me a nerd high. Either way, incorporating both design and computer science into my life has really taught me how to use both sides of my brain to create clean and modern looking design.

Enough of the past, here is a bit more about my current life.

  • Beautiful wife and daughter
  • 3 crazy mutts
  • healthy lifestyle
  • too many hobbies! (video games, gardening, painting, drawing, etc.)


Where the Magic Happens

My workspace seems to constantly change depending on what piece of tech I have either salvaged from Ebay or splurged and bought new. Plenty of monitor real-estate is always a must as well as a drawing tablet.

Why I do What I do

I do design work because I love it. I like the industry. I like the the people I meet through the work and really appreciate the relationships that I build through these meetings. For me, design is not just work, it is a lifestyle. Hopefully we can work together and I can share this lifestyle with you and your work.