Mark Nitschke

Artist / Illustrator

Sketching and drawing daily to improve my art

About my art

Traditional Art

I love working with traditional media and keeping a hard copy sketchbook.

Digital Art

Oh wait, I also love working with digital media and keeping what seems like millions of digital sketches.

Everything Else

Being an artist really involves so many different types of artwork. I like a bit of everything it seems.

Picture of Mark Nitschke

Hi there, I’m Mark

I’m an artist and illustrator living in Cheyenne, Wyoming who works in both the traditional and digital worlds. I believe everyone can be an artist of some type, and I hope to help others realize that potential. Art is my passion and each new drawing gives me an opportunity to accentuate my skills and share that passion. I have an educational background in a few different fields - Art, Design and Computer Science. While each field has unique and varied characteristics, I continuously strive to integrate all three in balanced and harmonized ways. I am an artist who strives to tries to create an equilibrium between the digital and the traditional.

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Random Portrait Sketches

Here are a couple of random portrait sketches. One comes...
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Why Mark Nitschke Illustration

I have always wanted to be an artist. All my...
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I am available for freelance and can't wait for the next exciting project! Could it be yours?

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